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Week 1: Getting Settled In

20180607_132715.jpgThe grown up human kids were put on notice: The washing machine is getting a lot of use because of the puppy– wash and dry your clothes quickly or use the ghetto setup at your ratchet apartment.

The human kids have been getting their laundry cycled through pretty fast.  We have had some potty training success, but lots of mishaps and late nights and very early mornings. This girl rises at 5am for potty, a walk, and food. She had her first vet visit and shot regiment.  Healthy at a whole 7 pounds.

We started training classes with Pawsitive Dog Training, which Java went from being entirely terrified of dogs of any size to wanting to play with dogs twice her size in just one hour. Not sure she learned too much else other than treats are awesome. We keep working with her daily.

The house rules are fairly simple:

  • No couches
  • No chairs
  • No human food
  • No human clothes
  • No shoes
  • When your old enough, you get the guest bed

Of course, she finds things like my sweatshirt in the topmost picture that suddenly became a dog bed. It looks cute, but I don’t need her developing a habit.

Naps are still a necessity for me even though she doesn’t cry as much through the night.

Parenthood all over again.

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