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Java Arrived!

It had to be the longest day of my life.  After two failed attempts to fly her from South Dakota to Alaska, Java showed up at a little after 8pm.  I must have paced up and down the same section of the airport where you pick up oversize and special luggage.  It’s the same place I pace around whenever I’m waiting to pick up my bike after an out-of-state race.

They took FOREVER to get her to the door, which really was no fault of Alaska Airlines.  In fact, of all the air carriers we have ever dealt with they are the best. And the whole week long delay had to do with the United Airlines Pug Mishap, which won’t allow them to ship animals until July.  This forced Top Dog Kennels to use Delta Airlines. And from what I hear, none of the breeders in that area want to use them.

Her powder blue kennel was so tiny and she was super anxious to get out.  Once we got her on the aiport’s pet lawn, she bounded out of that kennel and started licking us and running on our laps.  I almost started crying. She is so beautiful and happy.  Even my husband, who had been rather stoic about the whole delay in getting her, was suddenly a dad of a small being all over again. He was giving her water and food out of his hands, rushing her home, and getting a bigger kennel put up for her while I got her little one clean.  We were wiped out.

She cried a lot last night, as we expected she would.  And while we listened for anything particularly wrong, we withheld responding unless we really had to.  The morning was a big potty mess to clean up, but we expect that.  Phil and I are pretty good about joining forces when it comes to parenting goals, so no doubt we will have her potty trained fairly quickly.  Plus, I’ve been through this with a human child already, so it isn’t too much different.

So the adventure begins.  I think I need a nap!


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