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4 Weeks and Things are Getting Serious Now!

4 weeks and dang has this dog gotten big! We were sent a host of pictures from Top Dog Kennels today along with a price quote to fly Java up from South Dakota.  It will be four more weeks before she can make the trip, but we are already talking flight arrangements. That’s a sign that we are almost there!

It woke this sudden awareness in my husband that the house needs to be rearranged and things put more away.  I’ve actually been working on this since we decided to own a dog, but my husband is someone who only notices major sweeping changes while the small things appear on his radar and “something odd.” It cracks me up, but whatever. If he wasn’t ready to quite have a dog in the house he will be soon.

More than that he feels the pressure to listen to the puppy training podcasts and read training literature. That I can appreciate. I have ready one book so far and talked to some facilities around here, as well as gotten recommendations from other owners on vets, gear, and training classes.  It’s like being first time parents all over again!

And so the countdown continues! More pics to come I’m sure.

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