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Three Weeks Old!

The time is drawing near. In about a month, Java will fly up to Fairbanks.  The snow is still melting away so we haven’t done much to prepare the outside of the house. Java will be and indoor dog for the most part, but I expect there will be warm summer days when she will just want to hang out with us on the deck.  We don’t have a fenced in yard primarily because our back lot doubles as our driveway, so any time outside will need to be leashed.  The bigger issue is the neighbor’s barking yapper. He/She is not as bad as some of our other neighbor’s pets, particularly the one across the street that required intervention by my husband and two other neighbors. I know Java will bark too, but I don’t want her to constantly bark like that.

Other than that, it is a lot of waiting. That and cleaning up the fat bike for summer storage, commuting on my mountain bike until the trails dry and my new road bike shows up (back ordered until June…what?), and getting my old bike ready for sale. There are a lot of other life things thrown in there, but for now that seems to be my biggest focus.

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