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The Bike Siblings

No puppy yet. I was hoping for an Easter/April Fools birthday, but no. So instead, a shorter, less interesting post introducing you to the three bikes that share my life alongside my husband, son, and my son’s girlfriend.

Baby Reily

The eldest of the bike siblings, I bought the Trek Lexa SLX to compete in triathlons. She has taken me through two Ironmans, two half Ironmans, and a host of smaller competitions. She is named after my friend Reily who at one time had a bike of a higher model that looked like mine, and everyone mistakened them as the same bike.


You met her in the first blog post. The favorite second bike sibling, a Trek Farley 9.6 has taken me through a five stage winter race, one Susitna 100 race, and two White Mountains 100 races. As mentioned before, her name comes from the Beauty and the Beast character who has a oversized skirt that reminds me of the 5″ studded Dillingers I now ride.

The Little Engine (That Could)

The youngest of the bike siblings, my Trek Top Fuel 9.8 has only been with me since mid summer 2017. Since then, its two main adventures have been the HooDoo Cup Downhill Race and one cyclecross race. Her name came out of a passive aggressive hissy fit from my homeboy who was mad that I got the same bike as him. He had a moment where he started to question my riding abilities. Needless to say, I quit riding with him for a few months, and named my bike The Little Engine as a reminder to keep going despite other people’s doubts.

That’s the bike siblings. I hope the next post will be about my puppy. Keep your fingers crossed!

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