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2 Out of 3 Ain’t Bad

My dog will be born next week.

Her name is Java.

We chose this name for 3 reasons:

  1. It’s programming language. It’s the least favorite of my husband’s programming language, but is one nontheless. I only program in spurts, yet I have more skills than most.
  2. It is an alternative coffee.  My dream is to own a coffee plantation when I retire.  There is very little better than coffee.
  3. Coffee is brown. Meaning Java is brown.  And we are getting a chocolate lab.

Can you tell we are a household of cerebrals?

I have the second pick of the female litter. We are purchasing Java from Top Dog Kennel in South Dakota. My co-worker recommended the kennel after getting his second dog there. In May, they will fly her from South Dakota to Alaska. I’m not sure if he will be able to fly her all the way to Fairbanks. I may have to drive down to Anchorage (about 300 miles away) and pick her up there.

white mountains 100 2018 pic

So for now, I’m a girl.  Granted I’m an older girl (43 years). I have a bike.  Actually, I have several.  My favorite is a fat bike named Belle because her big tires remind me of the oversize skirt worn by the Beauty and the Beast character. Fat bike season is almost over. Spring training will begin soon. I’m pouring over books on how to best train Java. I will start contacting local training schools here soon.  I want to have as much lined up before she arrives.

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